Amazstyle reveals a BIG promotion in the first month of the year 2022

By Mai Huong Vu on Jan 18, 2022

To fully enjoy the New Year Super Sale, friends of Amazstyle, please remember the sale codes and these attractive promotions.

Time to hunt for sale to enjoy a series of deep discount deals

Celebrate the New Year with Amazstyle in January, thousands of quality products are discounted to the floor, with free shipping $0 for orders over $200 and many other opportunities

Throughout from 0:00 midnight of 1st January, users will continuously experience endless hours of preferential shopping and entertainment.

Right from the 1st to the end of January, users have the opportunity to buy a 15% discount voucher for all orders with code "YEAR2022".

Besides, there is also the opportunity to receive a discount deal for new arrivals for VIP guests, up to 50% value. Please check your email often, because the gift can come at any time!

Full day deals with Amazstyle

We are having 10% off for orders which have a minimum of 5 items and 5% off for a minimum of 3 items orders. The promotion is automatically applied at the checkout. 

How to apply different new codes?

Step 1: Choose your items and click checkout at the left corner. 

Step 2: Fill in all the necessary information. Then roll down and click place order.

Step 3: Close the automatic code of quantity discount. Then input the code you want. Click apply. And Woala! You get a higher value promotion code!

After a busy year, ladies and gentlemen, please "indulge" and take care of yourself to shine in the new year with exclusive genuine brand products from Amazstyle at the beginning of the year. Don't miss our classy gift box set. Let's experience high-end brands and receive huge vouchers from different collections.


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