4 stylish essentials for the summer

By Mai Huong Vu on Feb 23, 2022

Summer is on its approach, with beaches filling up, days growing longer, and office air conditioning making a reappearance. This brings Christmas, vacations, work get-togethers, quality time with family, and much hotter days.

To help you get ready for the next silly season, we've put together a handy checklist of dos and don'ts for the warmer months. Read on to make sure you're ready to beat the heat and dress to impress this year, with anything from quality suits to casual clothes.

Choose (your fabric) wisely 

The correct fabric is vital in the summer. Lighter fabrics will keep you comfortable and sweat-free during the summer months, just as insulating textiles like wool will keep you warm in the winter. Cotton, linen, lightweight wools, and even synthetics, which have their place when selecting something useful, are recommended for this.

Cotton is ideal since it is flexible, breathable, and widely available. Cotton pants/chinos, shorts, and short sleeve t-shirts are all trendy possibilities.

Linen is very lightweight, and its open weave allows for plenty of airflows to keep you cool. It also has a superior quality that makes it quite flexible, making it appropriate for both the beach and the boardroom as the office dress code loosens up toward the end of the year.

Layering is also vital to avoid being caught off guard while transitioning from indoor to outdoor and from warmer days to chilly evenings. Layer a summer coat over a more lightweight, breathable alternative as needed to adjust temperature and keep you comfortable as your surroundings change.


Get colourful 

Summer also entails having some color fun. It's a fantastic time to branch out from the safe, go-to winter colors of black, blue, and grey and show off your unique sense of style. For others, this can be a source of concern, as with the added option that they bring, there's also the risk of some clashing.

Blues, greens, pastels such as pink and yellow, and lighter neutral tones such as tan are excellent starting points. When choosing colors, keep your skin tone in mind and make sure that whatever you're wearing complements your complexion. Darker colors, such as burgundy, green, navy, and bolder shades of blue, will complement fairer complexion, but pastels and neutral tones, such as white, may appear washed out. look. Try the Baseball Polo for a smart-casual addition for office or weekend wear. 

Lighter colors will complement medium-olive skin. Pastels, as well as brighter colors like magenta, can be used. At your next summer party, the Polo is a fun option that may be worn up or down. While there are exceptions, stay away from anything that is too near to your natural skin tone in color. Make the most of your abilities.

The fashion world is your oyster if you have darker skin tones. You can experiment with a variety of hues and tones, as well as big statement items like Hawaii Shirt, with little risk of washing out your natural skin tone with colors. The idea is to avoid going overboard with diversity in a single costume, instead of adhering to complementary colors and a well-thought-out 'theme' for each one.

 Be wise - accessorise 

Accessories aren't just for the colder months! With sunglasses or a hat, you can add some pop to any ensemble, whether you're dressing up or down. The Summer collections are attractive additions that may make any outfit better-suited to the summer for formal wear and occasions.

When you're on vacation, it's also a good idea to be prepared. We have a few things to keep you covered whether it's a day at the beach or a family road trip. Beat the heat and protect your skin with a high-SPF sunscreen, and stay hydrated with fresh water on hand in a sturdy.

Set the tone everywhere you go with an audio player. They're also wonderful gift ideas, whether you're spoiling yourself or someone you care about.

Don’t compromise 

For many people, the criteria above might be disregarded when it comes to formal attire. When a summer wedding or the Boxing Day Races are on the horizon, many men may be tempted to pull out a staple, year-round dress suit and face the pain that results.

You don't have to trade comfort for style this year, thanks to a plethora of summer-friendly fabric and formal-wear alternatives available. The same rules apply to formal clothing and wedding ideas, and by choosing lightweight materials like linen and cotton for suits, blazers, and trousers, you can ensure you have an outstanding selection on hand to help you step out in confidence.

Try Hoodie for a wonderful formal layering choice. It's a simple jacket to throw on to smarten up any outfit. It's the ideal choice for sprucing up an outfit when the occasion calls, thanks to its soft texture and sophisticated design.

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